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Humanchem has been the leader as hydrophilic coating supplier for air conditioner for 18 years; we also provide household appliances with coil paint which is environmental friendly, aesthetic, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and fouling resistance. We dedicate to provide this industry with excellent hydrophilic coating and decoration paints; dedicate to ensure the economic and efficient productions of customers.


Based on the state-of-the-art precision coating technology, Humanchem is capable of providing electronics industry with functional optical films, including but not limited to optical clearly adhesive tapes for touch screen & display module, Stretch & release tape to fix the lithium battery. We also have a broad range of water-based functional coating binders suitable for providing luxurious appeal, protecting consumer electronics from inside to outside. .


Humanchem is one of the beverage can paint suppliers who obtained FDA certification at the earliest stage; we are also the pioneer of water-based coating for cigarette packaging.We have provided reliable products and service for many years.We rely on our extensive experience in package industries to minimize the exposure of risk to our customers as new technologies and processes are introduced to market.


As market requirements getting complicated and changing frequently nowadays, Humanchem listen to the voice from market patiently, provide customized coating solutions based on the combination of our innovative technologies and experiences, protecting buildings from inside to outside.The coatings are chemically inert and provide resistance against color and gloss fade as well as environmental stress such as acid rain and UV exposure.



Specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales of environmental friendly water-based PU resin, providing whole solutions to leather, textile and packaging industries. Our digital binders have been designed to confer fastness on a wide range of substrates, including textile and plastic films and to have low impact on environment. At the same time, they are easy to manage in inkjet ink production and guarantee safety for print heads.


We provide carbon-coated paste and functional adhesives for new energy sectors, involving lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries, as well as super capacitors.

Products and Services


Providing oil and water-based coatings for appliance, building, packaging and other industries

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Optical function films

Optical clearly adhesive,electronic adhesive,anti-shatter film,etc.

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Providing optoelectronics industry with LED encapsulant,electronics adhesive,etc.

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Synthetic resins

Providing water-based and oily acrylic resin, PE resin and epoxy resin

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