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  • Shutter coating

    Polyester shutter coating,used in aluminum sheet of shutter.

    Features :environment friendly,excellent adhesion,corrosion resistant,flexibility,weather resistant.

  • Curtain wall coatings

    Curtain wall coating containing Polyester Coating and Fluorocarbon coating.Polyesters coating Features:Weather-resistant,High Hardness,Anti-scratch,Oil-resistant,Self-clean,Cost-Effective.Curtain wall Fluorocarbon coating,containing PVDF and FEVE,Features:excellent weather-resistant,sample after 3500 hours of QUV artificial aging,gloss retention more than 80%,the color difference △E is less than 3.

  • Ceiling coating

    Widely used in shopping malls,office buildings ,home and other places.Diverse color and styles.Multi-functional:Scratch resisitant,oil resisitant,chameleon,Anti-bacteria Suitable for molding Excellent property,durable.

  • DVD,Microwave Oven Shell,Rice Cooker

    Superior flexibility ,adapt to rapid deep drawing process.

  • Washing machine, Refrigerator,Freezer

    Excellent corrosion resistance,superior oil-resistant, high hardness.

  • General line and aerosol coating

    Widely used in all kinds of aerosol products packaging

    With excellent processability,adhesion and solvent resistant.