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  • General line and aerosol coating

    Widely used in all kinds of aerosol products packaging

    With excellent processability,adhesion and solvent resistant.

  • Aluminum foil cup coating

    White, transparent colorless, gold and other colors;good processing properties;high temperature resisting steaming and boiling,comply to the food hygiene requirement.

  • Beer and medicine caps coating

     Apply to a medical infusion bottle and an oral liquid aluminum cover,rich color,and can be adjust collocation according to special requirements,with excellent deep drawing,and good resistance to pasteurization and sterilization.

  • OPV and internal spray coating for B&B cans

    Comply with FDA 175.300 and GB11677-89,safety and environmental protection,including interior spray liner and overprint varnish and exterior OPV series.  

  • EOE and pull tab interior and exterior coating

    Through the United States FDA and national food hygiene certification,it is applicable to aluminum,tinplate material. 

  • Water-based film surface treatment coating

    Cigarettes VOCs qualified,fast stripping